January 6, 2001

"Linux IDE Guy" wants option to disable CPRM

Author: JT Smith

Fromthe Linux Journal: "Andre Hedrick, maintainer of the Linux ATA subsystem and a member of the standards committee for ATA drives, has asked the committee to add an
on/off switch to a controversial proposed feature called CPRM if CPRM becomes part of the ATA standard. (ATA drives are also known as IDE.) Under
Hedrick's propsed change, the operating system, presumably under the control of the user, would be able to disable CPRM, and prevent any CPRM
applications from using the CPRM features of the drive.

Linux already disables the Processor Serial Number on Intel CPUs to prevent applications from reading it, and Hedrick's proposal would make a similar
containment policy possible for CPRM."


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