January 22, 2004

Linux indemnification is unnecessary, says IBM

IBM has told attendees at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo that there is no need for it to indemnify its growing pool of 6,300 Linux customers.

"Our position hasn't changed," said Jim Stallings, IBM's general manager for Linux. The claims that have been alleged by the SCO Group against IBM
have no basis, so indemnification is not needed.

Even if customers still have concerns, both major Linux distributions - SuSE Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux - have customer protection programmes
in place to help defend users against legal actions from SCO, Stallings said.

In addition, the Open Source Development Labs, a non-profit enterprise Linux advocacy group, has begun a defence fund that it hopes will bring in $10m
for users entangled in any related legal fights.

Link: computerweekly.com


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