July 22, 2003

Linux-Inside: PCMCIA featured Serial-Ethernet conv

sena_marketing writes "Sena Technologies is introducing the PCMCIA featured serial-ethernet converter, 'HelloDevice SS110' with open Linux platform. Linux technology allows customization of operation and the ability to modify or add features as required for flexibility and ease of customization.
    With PCMCIA slot for enhanced functionality, 'HelloDevice SS110' supports many PC cards such as LAN/Wireless LAN card to access another network, PSTN/CDMA card for out-of-band access, and Flash Memory card to keep system log and port log data safely.

Application Areas:
1. Industrial Automation
2. Network management
3. Retail/Point of Sale
4. Remote metering
5. Remote display
6. Building automation
7. Security/Access control Systems
8. General data acquisition application and
9. Medical Automation.

1. Connects legacy serial devices to 10/100Base-T Ethernet network
2. Supports RS232/422/485 based serial devices, up to 230Kbps speed
3. Supports PC cards such as ATA memory, modem and wired/wireless LAN card
4. Flexible TCP/UDP host mode support: Multiple host connection/data transfer
5. Powerful security support, SSL (Secure Socket Layer), RC4 and 3DES
6. Easy-To-Use customization support: User space, Library and Scripts (network/port access)
7. System logging & port buffering
8. Dynamic DNS and PPPoE protocol for DSL connection to broadband Internet
9. Configuration via Web, Telnet/SSH or serial port
10.Management software for configuration and administration included

HelloDevice SS110 has the support of Dynamic DNS, and PPPoE (PPP-over-Ethernet) allowing serial devices to be accessed over DSL-based broadband network or conventional LAN (Local Area Network) environment through the 10/100 Mbps (10Base-T, 100Base-TX) ethernet interface.

The HelloDevice SS110 provides the full-featured management functions such as status monitor; remote reset, error log monitor and firmware upgrade using Telnet, serial console port or Web browser under the password protection support.

In addition, the SS110 provides IP address filtering function to protect unintentional data streams to be transmitted to the serial device, and public key cryptography based SSL data encryption to promise secure data communication. The SS110 also has the SNMP agent supporting SNMP v1 and v2 protocols, and Dynamic DNS client for updating user's hostname account offered by various service providers.

1. Cost-reduction in system development due to using low-cost, industry-standard Ethernet technologies.
2. Labor cost reduction and improved efficiency due to remote management.
3. Easier operation environment using various IT technologies such as Internet, Web, and Database.
4. Cost-reduction due to TCP/IP-oriented simplified network hierarchy.
5. Easy to establish company ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system by connecting TCP/IP-based business system with manufacturing system.

In today's environment where technology is being embraced more and more in non-traditional areas of business, catching the wireless wave is something to consider and properly plan for. For more details, please feel free to contact us at

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