December 3, 2003

Linux: It Sounds Good to Me

Greetings to all readers of the Linux Journal Web site, and welcome to the first installment of a new monthly column about Linux audio software. For
those of you who have been following developments in the Linux audio world, it should come as no surprise that a column such as this one has arrived.
But for those of you who are thinking "Linux audio? What in the world could that be about?", you'll find the answers here.

Before starting this month's article, I want to take a moment and introduce myself. I've been using Linux since late 1995, I'm the maintainer of the
Linux Sound and Music Software pages on the Web, and I'm the author The Book of Linux Music & Sound (published by the No Starch Press). I've also
published a few dozen articles on the Web and in hard-copy (all on Linux audio-related topics); I occasionally lecture in the US and Europe; and I'm
currently involved with documentation for the AGNULA project (more about that later). I'm also a professional musician (guitarist/singer/composer),
performing and teaching in and around my home of Findlay, Ohio, in the US. When I'm not working in any of those activities, I usually can be found in
the company of my beloved Ivy Maria, doing things like cooking, watching movies, practicing Italian or taking walks in the northwest Ohio countryside.
Oh, and I'm an avid t'ai chi player and amateur Latinist.



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