December 15, 2000

The Linux jihad

Author: JT Smith

Salon: "In the year 2049
today's under-30 geeks are still
hacking code. They're even still
wearing the same faded T-shirts they
always did, which still sport the logos of the likes of Microsoft, Oracle and
that silly penguin. But these code-geek geezers are far from redundant --
their T-shirts are actually advertisements for their particular set of still
very useful skills. After all, you never know when the Communist Party of
the U.K. might need you to hack into some ancient system in the U.S.
that's still running a 50-year-old copy of FreeBSD." The story turns into a discussion of how Linux company stock prices are not the heart of the Open Source movement. (VA Linux, mentioned in the story, owns NewsForge.)


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