September 6, 2002

Linux Journal Article Reveals In-Memory Database Principles

Ted Kenney writes: "For a highly readable introduction to IMDS principles, the September Linux Journal issue carries an article "In-Memory Database Systems" written by McObject CEO and Co-Founder Steve Graves. It addresses key IMDS differences in areas including caching and transaction processing, and includes an application scenario illustrating a typical embedded device-based deployment. Like any organism, databases must evolve when dropped into a new environment. A new type of DBMS, the in-memory database system, represents the latest step in adaptation to embedded systems. Designed to meet the performance needs and resource availability in embedded systems, IMDSes reside entirely in memory--they never go to disk. Beyond the elimination of disk I/O, in-memory database systems have fewer "moving parts" or interacting processes than traditional databases, leading to greater frugality in RAM and CPU use and faster overall responsiveness."

Link: Linux Journal


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