October 30, 2000

Linux Kernel 2.2.17 update package released for WinLinux

Author: JT Smith

Now you can update WinLinux 2000 to use the newer 2.2.17 Linux Kernel, says WinLinux.net."But be careful, this package is intended for EXPERIENCED USERS who want
to stay up to date with the latest Linux features. If you don't need the
new features, we recommend that you wait for a major upgrade package that
includes all system updates. Please keep in mind that wrongly upgrading
your Linux kernel can lead to a NON-WORKING system.

"This kernel version includes the new images and modules for both standard
and multiprocessor (SMP) machines.

"Kernel images 2.2.17 - This package contains most common kernel images with
support for several disk controllers.

"Kernel modules 2.2.17 - This package contains the new modules, i. e., the
drivers and runtime features you can add or remove while your system is

"Major upgrades include a more robust FAT/Linux integration layer (UMSDOS) and
support for SOUND BLASTER LIVE! and CRYSTAL SOUNDFUSION (CS46xx) sound cards.
Several minor patches have been applied in order to provide new features.

"Added BETA support for UDMA features of High Point (HPT), Promise, SiS and
Intel motherboards.

"You can download the update packages from WinLinux support page by selecting the appropriate Update

"To find some useful installation instructions click here.

"If you want to see all kernel's 2.2.17 new features go here."

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