February 14, 2001

Linux kernel 2.4.1-ac12

Author: JT Smith

Alan Cox posted the latest change log to the kernel mailing list. Here are the details:
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 23:39:11 +0000 (GMT)
                  From: Alan Cox alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk
                  To: linux-kernel@vger.kernel.org
                  Subject: Linux 2.4.1ac12


                  o       Make tmpfs use link counts of 2 on directories  (Christoph Rohland)
                  o       Update Documentation/sound/Introductions        (Wade Hampton)
                  o       Fix bug in new tlb shootdown code               (Ben LaHaise)
                  o       Add isa_* api to the Alpha                      (Richard Henderson)
                  o       Export down_trylock on Alpha                    (Richard Henderson)
                  o       Fix maestro3 build on ia64                      (Bill Nottingham)

                  o       Hack the setup code to do the right thing for   (me)
                          Cyrix processors. Cpuid on cyrix should now work
                  o       Change sigmatel codec inits                     (Jeff Garzik)
                  o       Revised TLB shootdown patch                     (Ben LaHaise)
                  o       Use pci quirks to handle the nonstandard irq    (Andrey Panin)
                          setup for VIA ACPI
                  o       If a user sets an io on the opl3sa2 assume they (me)
                          mean it even if isapnp isnt turned off
                  o       Fix xmms cpu burn on i810 audio                 (Marcus Sundberg)
                  o       Fix pnic problems with tulip driver             (Manfred Spraul)
                  o       Add pci skeleton driver                         (Jeff Garzik)
                  o       Fix vfat mishandling of 16bit characters        (Kazuki Yasumatsu)
                  o       Fix syntax things found by his source code      (Jean-Luc Leger)
                  o       Fix pcmcia ixj build bug                        (Florian)
                  o       Remove dead via sound docs                      (Jeff Garzik)
                  o       add __dev_alloc_skb for drivers needing to force(Jeff Garzik)
                          allocation types
                  o       Fix arcnet initializers                         (Jeff Garzik)
                  o       Fix various warnings                            (Keith Owens)
                  o       Further MPT fusion updates                      (Steve Ralston)
                  o       sock_alloc_send_skb fix                         (Manfred Spraul)
                  o       Fix signed/unsigned handling on 8139too         (Jeff Garzik)
                  o       Document problem with old powertweak            (Dave Jones)
                  o       s/controler/controller/ spelling fixes
                  o       S/390 build fixes                               (Neale Ferguson)

                  o       Merge with Linus 2.4.2pre3
                  o       More net driver clean up                        (Jeff Garzik)
                  o       Further maxiradio fix                           (Francois Romieu)
                  o       Lock reclaiming fixes                           (MCL)
                  o       Update ver_linux                                (Steven Cole)
                  o       Add support for the Socket LP-E CF+ ethernet    (Nicolas Pitre)
                  o       Fix microtek scanner abort handling             (Oliver Neukum)
                  o       Fix very dumb bug in my dma.c changes that      (me)
                          Linus noticed
                  o       Clean up AGP alloc/destroy a little             (me)
                          | Again a Linus request
                  o       Remove dead 8129 config help                    (Dave Jones)
                  o       Clean up extra unneeded check in setup.c        (Dave Jones)
                  o       Improve mkdep, remove acpi special case         (Keith Owens)
                  o       Fix bogus dead comment in fs.h                  (Jens Axboe)
                  o       Clean up config.in syntax errors                (Christoph Hellwig)
                  o       Offer Duron in CPU option list for clarity      (Terje Rosten)
                  o       New binutils need --oformat, old ones handle it (Andreas Jaeger)
                  o       Move bitops include in fs.h inside __KERNEL__   (Herbert Xu)
                  o       Fix misspellings of weird                       (Felix Odenkirchen)
                  o       Fix typos of 'valid' while we are at it         (Luuk van der Duim)

                  o       Merge with Linus 2.4.2pre2
                  o       Highmem bounce fixes                            (Ingo Molnar)
                  o       Fix cosa driver kfree                           (Jan Kasprzak)
                  o       Clean up pdoc202xx driver sleeps                (Vojtech Pavlik)
                  o       Final bits of NFS file handle changes           (Trond Myklebust)
                  o       Fix usbnet driver                               (David Brownell)
                  o       ATM includes fixes                              (Werner Almesberger)
                  o       Remove unneeded vm_enough_memory check          (Werner Almesberger)
                  o       Fix free_dma prototype case                     (Bill Nottingham)
                  o       Fix build bugs from pci_match_device fix        (me)
                  o       HP5300 USB scanner driver                       (Oliver Neukum,
                                                                           John Fremlin,
                                                                           Jeremy Hall)
                  o       DSP_SETFRAGMENT fixes for ymfpci                (Pavel Roskin)
                  o       Fix codafs error returns                        (Rob Radez)
                  o       Fix 48 misspellings of interrupt                (André Dahlqvist)
                  o       Fix 20 misspellings of successful               (André Dahlqvist)
                  o       Fix 11 misspellings of suppress                 (André Dahlqvist)
                  o       Fix 46 misspellings of address                  (André Dahlqvist)
                  o       Fix 26 misspellings of receive                  (André Dahlqvist)
                  o       Fix 7 misspellings of acquire                   (André Dahlqvist)
                  o       Fix 4 misspellings of unneccessary              (André Dahlqvist)
                  o       Fix 13 misspellings of until                    (André Dahlqvist)

                  o       Fix irlap speed changes and kfrees              (Jean Tourrilhes)
                  o       Further NTFS updates                            (Anton Altaparmakov,
                                                                  Yuri Per, Rob Radez)
                  o       Fix buglets in config.in for aic7xxx           (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
                  o       Cleanup irda QoS code                           (Jean Tourrilhes)
                  o       Fix mca documentations                          (Rob Radez)
                  o       Fix irlan device attach problems                (Dag Brattli)
                  o       Fix irda dongle crash case                      (Dag Brattli)
                  o       Change Kaweth firmware loading, add DU-E10      (Eric Sandeen)
                  o       pci_enable cleanups for networking              (Jeff Garzik)
                  o       Fix rcpci45 probing                             (Jeff Garzik)
                  o       Use SET_MODULE_OWNER() in lanstreamer           (Jeff Garzik)
                  o       Use pcmcia defines as per seperate pcmcia net   (Jeff Garzik)
                  o       Fix people calling netif_start_queue from a     (Jeff Garzik)
                  o       Remove 8129 driver (use 8139too)                (Jeff Garzik)
                  o       Remove dead malloc.h from net drivers           (Jeff Garzik)
                  o       Update eata driver to 6.04                      (Dario Ballabio)
                  o       Add DE320 support to ne2.c                      (Alfred Arnold)
                  o       Kernel hacking doc updates                      (John Levon)
                  o       Fix CPU detection offsets in head.S             (Mikael Pettersson)
                  o       Fix apic init/cpu detect problems               (Mikael Pettersson)

                  o       Rebalance the 2.4.1 VM                          (Rik van Riel)
                          | This should make things feel a lot faster especially
                          | on small boxes .. feedback to Rik
                  o       Silence osf syscall error printk                (Ivan Kokshaysky)
                  o       Don't trust ARC irq routing on ruffian          (Ivan Kokshaysky)
                  o       Report the right module on 3c59x for pcmcia     (Arjan van de Ven)
                  o       Update i82365 driver to add locks, delays, and  (Arjan van de Ven)
                          'bouncing' on the card detect
                  o       Get the name right on ide-cs (v ide_cs) and do  (Arjan van de Ven)
                          resource claims
                  o       Merge parport_cs                                (David Hinds)
                  o       Merge sedlbauer_cs                              (Marcus Niemann)
                  o       Fix a bug in the Cyrix pirq routing             (me)

                  o       Fix eepro100 reporting on lockup fix            (Ion Badulescu)
                  o       Clean up i810 error message                     (me)
                  o       Fix S390 build bug                              (me)
                  o       Update version id on cpqarray driver            (Charles White)
                  o       Further aic7xxx fixes                           (Doug Ledford)
                          | again please report aic7xxx stuff to Doug
                  o       Further maxiradio cleanups              (Dimitromanolakis Apostolos)
                  o       Change ide to use mdelay cleanly                (Petr Vandrovec)
                          | Still broken for PROMISE if no IDE_CS
                  o       Fix duplicated ncpfs fix                        (Petr Vandrovec)
                  o       Improve inode hash function                     (Dave Miller)
                  o       Correct 62 misspellings of transferred          (Andre Dahlqvist)
                  o       Update AC97 codec setup and tables              (Jeff Garzik)

                  o       Fix zero page corruption                        (Ben La Haise)
                  o       Elevator corruption fixes                       (Jens Axboe, Linus)
                  o       Fix fdatasync possible corruption problem       (Arjan van de Ven)
                  o       Further KSLI ethernet fixes                     (Eric Sandeen)
                  o       Merge the correct version of the pm fixes       (me)
                          | noted by Mikael Pettersson
                  o       Account for inode/dcache in free memory         (Rik van Riel)
                  o       Add info on how to check reiserfsprogs versions (Steven Cole)
                  o       Disable write combining on serverworks LE chips (Mark Rusk)
                  o       Fix via audio crashes                           (Jeff Garzik)
                  o       Fix ip accounting rules bug                     (Rusty Russell)
                  o       Handle USB printers that use device not         (Johannes Erdfelt)
                          interface descriptors
                  o       Fix wheel on graphire usb tablet                (Peter Hofmann)
                  o       Clean up maxiradio driver                       (Francois Romieu)
                  o       Fix visor USB size reporting on buffers         (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
                  o       Update USB serial documentation                 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
                  o       Fix locking on etherworks3 ethernet             (Jeff Garzik)
                  o       Fix empeg USB driver problems                   (Gary Brubaker)
                  o       Generic USB serial driver fixes                 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
                  o       Update USB serial configure.help                (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
                  o       Add more device support to mct_u232 USB         (Cornel Ciocirlan)
                  o       Fix typo in asm-ppc/semaphore.h                 (Andre Dahlqvist)
                  o       Report reiserfs tools in ver_linux              (Steven Cole)
                  o       Fix resource leaks in NCR_53c406, atari_scsi    (Rasmus Andersen)
                          and qlogicisp
                  o       Move pci_enable_device earlier for hamachi      (Dave Jones)
                  o       Type 6 drives are apparently floppy 2.88M       (Dave Jones)
                  o       Remove duplicate pci_enable_device in ne2kpci   (Dave Jones)

                  o       Fix sk_in use counting in svcsock.c             (Neil Brown)
                          | Not yet a complete and final agreed solution
                  o       Add support for KLSI USB ethernet               (Brad Hards,
                                                   Stephane Alnet, 'the Zapman', and co)
                  o       Update aic7xxx driver                           (Doug Ledford)
                          | Please test this carefully and cc reports to Doug
                  o       Add help for CONFIG_INPUT                       (Steven Cole)
                  o       3c523 driver update                             (Tom Sightler)
                  o       Fix reiserfs Changes entry further              (Steven Cole)
                  o       Limit ide scatter gather to 128 blocks          (Jens Axboe)
                  o       Merge hppa config.in changes                    (Matthew Wilcox)
                  o       Fix tx timeout recovery on via rhine            (Manfred Spraul)
                  o       Fix stale comments in fs/block_dev.c            (Tigran Aivazian)
                  o       Further defxx driver work                       (Maciej Rozycki)
                  o       winbond 840 reported wrong setting value        (Maciej Rozycki)
                  o       Guillemot Maxi radio support            (Dimitromanolakis Apostolos)
                  o       Allow sleeping in pm callbacks but with locking (me)

                  o       Remove ancient dead net/Changes file            (Janice Girouard)
                  o       Merge Linus 2.4.2pre1
                  o       Resync xirc2ps with Dave Hinds tree             (dilinger)
                  o       Finish sorting out ramfs problems               (Mike Galbraith)
                  o       Update AWE32 documentation                      (Andre Dahlqvist)
                  o       Remove reference to dead PPP documentation      (Andre Dahlqvist)
                  o       Make max_map tunable                            (Werner Almesberger)
                  o       Fix dead references to java support in some     (Andre Dahlqvist)
                  o       Make shmfs estimate size limits if none set     (Christoph Rohland)
                  o       Revert Crusoe hanging pci hanging changes
                          | Im still chasing something weird in this
                          | area that some of the pci changes I have fixes...
                  o       Merge HPPA hackers into CREDITS                 (Mathew Wilcox)
                  o       Merge some of the HPPA updates                  (Mathew Wilcox)
                  o       Add Reiserfs tools to changes                   (Steven Cole)
                  o       Fix i2o Configure.help typo                     (YOSHIMURA Keitaro)
                  o       SuperH HD64465 host bridge support              (Greg Banks)
                  o       Fix modversion.h includes                       (Keith Owens)
                  o       Tlan driver probing updates                     (Jeff Garzik)
                  o       Change media drivers to use new style module    (me)
                          | Janitorial job - fix the last ones that
                          | don't use module_*() and dump the init code

                  o       Fix matrox G450 framebuffer support             (Petr Vandrovec)
                  o       Fix description of DMA-mapping.txt              (Dave Miller)
                  o       Fix accidental revert of classifier bug         (Dave Miller)
                  o       Fix accidental revert of isdn change
                  o       Fix datagram hang on shutdown                   (Alexey Kuznetsov)
                  o       Fix 64bit build of clntproc                     (Michal Jaegermann)
                          | wants a tidier solution yet
                  o       Fix ide toc caching bug introduced in 2.4.0     (Fredrik Vraalsen)
                          | this should fix the DVD playback problems
                  o       Swapfs renaming and final bits                  (Christoph Rohland)
                  o       Further APIC/NMI updates                        (Mikael Pettersson)
                  o       Add further kernel doc contributions            (John Levon)
                  o       ACPI battery tweaks                             (Pavel Machek)
                  o       Further ramfs fixes                             (Ingo Oeser)
                  o       ROMFS fixes                                     (Mike Galbraith)
                  o       CS4281 fixes                                    (Thomas Woller)
                  o       Shift to authors official fixes for acenic      (Jes Sorensen)
                  o       Update the usb hosthost network drivers      (David Brownell)
                          | Experimental but he wanted feedback so if you
                          | have one beat it up a bit

                  o       Resync with Linus 2.4.1
                  o       Fix recursive make_request crash                (Ingo Molnar)
                  o       Updated VIA IDE driver                          (Vojtech Pavlik)
                          | Please exercise due care and caution testing this
                          | bit...
                  o       Fix case where threaded apps might write to     (Ben LaHaise)
                          freed kernel memory
                  o       Fix ACPI oopses on tecra (apparently bios bugs) (Pavel Machek)
                  o       AHA152x fixes from maintainer                   (Juergen Fischer)
                  o       Fix case where scsi could hang on boot waiting  (Rogier Wolff)
                          for a disk spinup
                  o       Further maestro3 pm work                        (Zach Brown)
                  o       Further NTFS fixes                              (Yuri Per)
                  o       Add GNU make to the list of URLs in Changes     (Steven Cole)
                  o       Make dmx3191d enable device before touching it  (Rasmus Andersen)
                  o       Make the sbpcd driver actually useful in 2.4    (Paul Gortmaker)
                  o       Make buslogic enable device before touching it  (Rasmus Andersen)
                  o       Fix tty module locking mishandling              (Maciej Rozycki)
                  o       Workaround code for APIC problems with ne2k     (Maciej Rozycki)
                          | this will break original 82489DX devices for now
                          | ie _very_ early dual pentium boards
                  o       Fix iptos netfilter bug                         (Rusty Russell)
                  o       Fix get/set_fpu_mxcsr to check xmm ont fxsr     (Doug Ledford)
                  o       Fix name_to_kdev_t symbol                       (Adam J Richter)
                  o       Update magic sysrq docs                         (Jeremy Dolan)
                  o       Support for ETinc PCIsync boards                (Francois Romieu)
                  o       Mass duplicated word spelling fixes             (Dave Jones)
                  o       Update sb driver to use spinlocks               (Chris Rankin)
                  o       Fix leak in bmac driver                         (Hans Grobler)
                  o       Fix kmalloc check in atm/common                 (Hans Grobler)
                  o       Fix buffer leak in defxx                        (Hans Grobler)
                  o       Fix kmalloc check in netrom driver              (Hans Grobler)
                          |BTW side exercise - how about using vmalloc here ?
                  o       Ditto for rose                                  (Hans Grobler)
                          |Ditto for comment ;)
                  o       Fix lockd 64bit handling                        (H J Lu)
                  o       Tidy pci_match_device ifdefs                    (Rasmus Andersen)
                  o       Fix qla1280 handling of registration failure    (Rasmus Andersen
                                                                           Rakesh Rakesh)
                  o       Config include fixes                            (Niels Jensen)
                  o       MatroxFB updates                                (Petr Vandrovec)
                  o       Tidy fat_read_super to use get_hardsect_size    (Tigran Aivazian)
                  o       Fix m68k bitops ffs()                           (Geert Uytterhoeven)
                  o       Fix ip_nat_standalone ksyms stuff               (Rusty Russell)
                  o       Fix copy_from_user mishandling in ip_fw_compat  (Rusty Russell)
                  o       Fix romfs for 2.4ac maxbytes                    (Mike Galbraith)
                  o       filemap/aging updates                           (Rik van Riel)
                  o       Enable device before reading irq in ne2k-pci    (Martin Diehl)
                  o       Remove surplus nr_ioapics definition            (Rasmus Andersen)
                  o       S/390 build fixes                               (Florian Laroche)
                  o       Advansys driver fixes/portability               (Arnaldo Carvalho
                                                                           de Melo)
                  o       Fix out of message handling error in i2o_block  (Jason Lai)
                  o       Fix bit granularity of 32 in ACPI driver        (Adam J Richter)
                  o       Fix unsafe casting for ARM on NFS root mount    (Russell King)
                  o       Fix mxcsr masking on pentium IV                 (Doug Ledford)
                  o       Update u14/eata drivers to 6.03                 (Dario Ballabio)
                  o       Fix signed/unsigned mess in sysctl handlers     (me)

                  Alan Cox alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk
                  Red Hat Kernel Hacker
                  & Linux 2.2 Maintainer                        Brainbench MVP for TCP/IP
                  http://www.linux.org.uk/diary                 http://www.brainbench.com


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