December 1, 2001

Linux kernel 2.4.17-pre2 has been released

Author: JT Smith

Dave reports that Linux kernel 2.4.17-pre2 has been released. Read more for the Changelog...
- Remove userland header from bonding driver (David S. Miller)

- Create a SLAB for page tables on i386 (Christoph Hellwig)

- Unregister devices at shaper unload time (David S. Miller)

- Remove several unused variables from various places in the kernel (David S. Miller)

- Fix slab code to not blindly trust cc_data(): it may be not valid on some platforms (David S. Miller)

- Fix RTC driver bug (David S. Miller)

- SPARC 32/64 update (David S. Miller)

- W9966 V4L driver update (Jakob Jemi)

- ad1848 driver fixes (Alan Cox/Daniel T. Cobra)

- PCMCIA update (David Hinds)

- Fix PCMCIA problem with multiple PCI busses (Paul Mackerras)

- Correctly free per-process signal struct (Dave McCracken)

- IA64 PAL/signal headers cleanup (Nathan Myers)

- ymfpci driver cleanup (Pete Zaitcev)

- Change NLS "licenses" to be "GPL/BSD" instead only BSD. (Robert Love)

- Fix serial module use count (Russell King)

- Update sg to 3.1.22 (Douglas Gilbert)

- ieee1394 update (Ben Collins)

- ReiserFS fixes (Nikita Danilov)

- Update ACPI documentantion (Patrick Mochel)

- Smarter atime update (Andrew Morton)

- Correctly mark ext2 sb as dirty and sync it (Andrew Morton)

- IrDA update (Jean Tourrilhes)

- Count locked buffers at balance_dirty_state(): Helps interactivity under heavy IO workloads (Andrew Morton)

- USB update (Greg KH)

- ide-scsi locking fix (Christoph Hellwig)Download:


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