March 5, 2001

Linux kernel 2.4.3-pre2

Author: JT Smith

Linux kernel 2.4.3-pre2 is now available. Download from or your nearest available mirror site. Here's the changelog:-pre2:
- Jens Axboe: fix loop device deadlocks
- Greg KH: USB updates
- Alan Cox: continued merging
- Tim Waugh: parport and documentation updates
- Cort Dougan: PowerPC merge
- Jeff Garzik: network driver updates
- Justin Gibbs: new and much improved aic7xxx driver 6.1.5

- Chris Mason: reiserfs, another null bytes bug
- Andrea Arkangeli: make SMP Athlon build
- Alexander Zarochentcev: reiserfs directory fsync SMP locking fix
- Jeff Garzik: PCI network driver updates
- Alan Cox: continue merging
- Ingo Molnar: fix RAID AUTORUN ioctl, scheduling improvements


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