August 25, 2001

Linux Kernel 2.4.8-ac11 released

Author: JT Smith

Linux Kernel 2.4.8-ac11 has been released at Intermediate diffs are available from http://www.bzimage.orgChanges in 2.4.8-ac11:

o Remove bogus wbinvd macro in ACPI (Dave Jones)

o Fix highmem high page races (Ben LaHaise)

o SCSI generic driver updates (Doug Gilbert)

o Remove unneeded fusion init call (Adam J Richter)

o Fix init/const clashes in pci (Dave Jones)

o Merge newer qlogic fc firmware set (Ricky Beam)

o Add NEC DV5800A to the blacklist for DMA (Matt

o Add passive ISDN over USB support (Frode Isaksen,
Kai Germaschewski)

o Fix aha1542 flags type (Andi Kleen)

o Macsonic kmalloc type fixes (Dave Jones)

o lock clear_page_tables versus kswapd (Ben

o Honour PnPBIOS region reservations (Gerd Knorr)

o Made them __init and fixed problems when the (me)
resource declaration spanned 0x100

o Fix a rio serial type warning (me)

o Add another byteswapped Vaio BIOS (Roger Luethi)

o USB serial tidy ups (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)

o Fix dev->actconfig changing in probe in USB
(Michael Stickel)
causing later errors


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