September 16, 2001

Linux Kernel 2.4.9-ac11 released

Author: JT Smith

Linux Kernel 2.4.9-ac11 has been released at
Intermediate diffs are available from
**	This is just a resync as various people work to get most
**	of -ac into Linus 2.4.10. Please don't resend patches - I have a
**	lot nicely queued. This is just a snapshot to keep pakrat happy and
**	so folks can see where it is at and double check. It might even 
**	boot - who knows

o	Fix sign check error in death signal		(Martin Macok,
							 Kamil Toman)
o	Merge up to Linus 2.4.10pre9
o	Multiple swapoff fixes				(Hugh Dickins);
o	Clean up the mips parts of the mem.c ifdefs	(Ralf Baechle)
o	Update NCR53c700 driver, make it generic	(James Bottomley,
				Richard Hirst, Rasmus Andersen, Keith Owens)
o	Recognize Radeon VE in radeonfb			(Nick Kurshev)
o	MCE address reporting fix			(Dave Jones)
o	APIC check fixes				(Randy Dunlap)
o	Wrong SIGBUS data in siginfo fix		(Daniel Kobras)
o	acpi Makefile fix				(Keith Owens)
o	NTFS update					(Anton Altaparmakov)
o	Parse mainboard resources inline to pnp not	(Gerd Knorr)
	as pci_device objects
o	Propogate register_netdev errors out from 	(Dave Miller)
o	Take sound lock static				(David Hansen)
o	ns83820 updates/fixes				(Ben LaHaise)
o	Small arch_init_modules fix for ia64		(Maciej Rozycki)
o	pci bridge setup fixes, 64bit sign propogation	(Todd Inglett)
o	Add another batch of MODULE_LICENSE tags	(me)


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