August 14, 2001

Linux kernel 2.4.9-pre3

Author: JT Smith

Third prepatch of Linux 2.4.9 kernel released; download from or your favorite mirror site. Changelog below.
                  - Patrick Mochel: fix PCI:PCI bridge 64-bit memory type detection
                  - me: more forgotten nfsd off_t -> loff_t
                  - Alan Cox: ide driver merge
                  - Eric Lammerts, Rik van Riel: when oom, kill all threads.
                  - Ben LaHaise: use down_read, not down_write() in map_user_kiobuf.
                    We don't change the mappings, we just read them.
                  - Kai Germaschewski: ISDN updates
                  - Roland Fehrenbacher: sparse lun check
                  - Tim Waugh: handle awkward Titan parallel/serial port cards
                  - Stephen Rothwell: APM updates
                  - Anton Altaparmakov: NTFS updates

                  - me: fix forgotten nfsd usage of filldir off_t -> loff_t change
                  - Alan Cox: more driver merges

                  - Rui Sousa: emu10k1 module fixes, remove joystick part.
                  - Alan Cox: driver merges
                  - Andrea Arkangeli: alpha updates
                  - David Woodhouse: up_and_exit -> complete_and_exit
                  - David Miller: sparc and network update
                  - Andrew Morton: update 3c59x driver
                  - Neil Brown: NFS export VFAT, knfsd cleanups, raid fixes
                  - Ben Collins: ieee1394 updates
                  - Paul Mackerras: PPC update
                  - me: make sure we don't lose position bits in "filldir()"


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