Linux Kernel 4.6 to Launch on May 15, Last Release Candidate Is Out for Testing


May 8, 2016, Linus Torvalds made his regular Sunday evening announcement to inform us about the availability of another RC (Release Candidate) build of the forthcoming Linux 4.6 kernel branch. But this time, things are a little different because he announced Linux kernel 4.6 RC7, which, as expected, it is the last Release Candidate in the upcoming series, or at least that’s how he sees things because it was a very quiet development cycle. So, if everything remains as quite as it was until today, next week we should see the final release of Linux kernel 4.6.

“So here’s rc7, because while things were really quiet there for a while, it never got *so* quiet that I would decide that there’s no point to making the traditional last rc. But this is it, unless something surprising happens,” said Linus Torvalds.

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