March 17, 2015

Linux Kernel Developer Work Spaces Video: Stephane Graber, LXC

Stephane Graber is a software engineer at Canonical Ltd. where he is a project leader for, including LXC. In this video he takes us on a tour of his home office in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and answers our questions about his work space. What area of the kernel do you work on and what are you working on now?

Stephane Graber: My main focus is Linux Containers. Both in the kernel and in userspace. That includes discussing new security features we need to make containers safe (e.g. user namespaces), doing code reviews, tracking down bugs and the occasional patch.

I'm also one of the project leaders for which is the umbrella project for LXC, LXD, LXCFS and CGManager. All of those are userspace projects used to provide reliable, safe and user friendly Linux containers to our users.

I do most of the project and release management for all of those projects, process most patches we receive, do code reviews and obviously also contribute some of the code.

What do you like most about your workspace?

I like that it's comfortable and quiet. I don't have colleagues talking in the background like I would in an office nor do I have any kind of constant noise like I would from noisy electronics.

All the stuff I need to interact with frequently is right next to me and all the stuff which must be on but doesn't have to be around me, is downstairs in the basement and hooked up to network and remote power so I can always access them wherever I am.

What do you like least?

I've spent most of my life in Europe, moving to North America a bit over 6 years ago now. So one thing that always annoys me a bit is how limited residential Internet is around here.

The best I could get is 50Mbit down and 10Mbit up but that's as fast as I can get and that's pretty expensive.

When you have you have a bunch of busy build servers at home, having a good business grade Internet without any kind of quota and with good speeds would be nice.

That said, I love working from home way too much to even consider working from an office with faster Internet. :)

What's the oddest work space you've ever used?

Not sure about odd, but traveling pretty regularly, I'm used to working on airplanes, airport lounges, on trains and in hotel rooms all over the world.

The rest of the time, I typically work from home or from friends' and family.

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