Linux Kernel Developer Workspaces Video: Mark Brown


Mark Brown is the Kernel Working Group technical lead at Linaro. He is responsible for looking at anything that isn’t explicitly covered by some other part of Linaro. Upstream, he maintains a few subsystems related to embedded systems — ASoC (audio for embedded systems), regmap, regulator, and SPI — as well as other things when he has time.

Mark says the thing he likes most about his workspace is the portability, which is pretty unusual for kernel developers. He likes being able to set up anywhere that he can get Internet access, including in the park on a sunny afternoon. We’re impressed by the minimal elegance of his setup, which fits in a laptop bag and is entirely self-sufficient.

He has a desktop setup at home with more test equipment (more boards, and things like a TV and 5.1 decoder for HDMI testing). However, much of what he does is code review and, with this portable setup, he can do that anywhere.

Check out the video to see Mark’s super streamlined travel setup that allows him to stay in touch with his team and stay productive even when he’s working from a hotel room.″ allowfullscreen=”true” frameborder=”0″ width=”425