The Linux Kernel Ends 2018 With Almost 75k Commits This Year


As of this New Year’s Eve afternoon, the Linux kernel saw 74,974 commits this year that added 3,385,121 lines of code and removed 2,512,040 lines. 

For as impressive as seeing almost 75k commits in a single year to an open-source project, it’s not actually a record high. Last year in fact saw 80,725 commits that added 3.9 million lines and removed 1.3 million lines…  

Besides Linus Torvalds himself, those with the most commits this year to the Linux kernel included David S. Miller, Arnd Bergmann, Christoph Hellwig, Colin Ian King, and Chris Wilson. There were 4,208 different detected authors this year compared to 4,400 in 2017 but higher than the 4,043 recorded for 2016. 

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