June 4, 2002

Linux Kernel hacker Peter Chubb interviewed

Jeremy Andrews writes: "KernelTrap has spoken with Peter Chubb who currently works for the Gelato Project. His efforts are currently focused on supporting large disks and partitions, utilizing 64-bits. Regarding the project's focus of improving Linux support for the Itanium 64-bit processor, Peter says, "Back in the days when the VAX was king, there was a general assumption amongst some programmers that `all the world's a vax'. In the Linux world, there's a similar assumption: `all the world's a pentium'."

Peter lives in New South Wales, Australia, with his wife, Lucy, also a kernel hacker, and two daughters. He earned a PhD under the late John Lions, author of the Lions Book. His UNIX kernel hacking experience is with an impressively large number of kernels.

KernelTrap has the full interview."


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