Linux Kernel “Hobbyist” Wanted: Free Travel to Kernel Summit


Editor’s Note: This announcement was reposted with permission from Linux Kernel developer Steven Rostedt.

As an experiment this year, the Linux Kernel Summit Program Committee would like to put out a call for hobbyists. This year, we have up to three places to give to people who do Linux Kernel development as a hobby rather than a profession (Our definition of “hobbyist” is anyone who doesn’t get paid to work on Linux).  The Linux Kernel Summit will be held this year in Edinburgh from 23-25 October and, on the core day (the 24th of October), will primarily be concentrating on processes around kernel development.  Since most top kernel developers are not hobbyists these days, this is your opportunity to make up for what we’re missing. As we recognize most hobbyists don’t have the resources to attend conferences, we’re offering (as part of the normal kernel summit  travel fund processes) travel reimbursement as part of being selected to attend.

To apply, please send a proposal outlining what you do, what you’d bring to the kernel summit and preferably what you think the current kernel processes should be doing to encourage more hobbyist contributions (or should not be doing because it discriminates against hobbyist contributions) to:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please add the prefix [HOBBYIST ATTEND] to the subject line so we can easily find them.

Descriptions of particularly cool hobbyist projects in the kernel which have been overlooked by the mainstream might also be good topics for discussion.  Since the Kernel Summit is only two months away, we’re looking to have hobbyist proposals submitted by 24 August.  We know that this is a tight timetable and we apologize; this idea came up too late for us to provide better notice.  The current plan is to make the hobbyist slots a permanent part of the selection criteria, so things should be less rushed in the coming years.

Please spread the word!