August 13, 2005

Linux Laptop Survey Exceeded 4,000 Reports

Werner Heuser writes "TuxMobil has got a burst in Linux laptop and notebook installation report
submissions recently. Since February more than 1,000 installation reports
have been submitted. Today the number of reports exceeded 4,000.
Contributors from all over the world are providing tips and tricks to get
Linux and other UniX flavors running on almost any laptop model starting
from ELKS Linux on laptops with 286 CPU to 64bit distributions on machines
equipped with AMD64.

Linux is well suited for todays laptops and notebooks. Only a few
hardware parts don't work well because the manufacturers don't care
to provide necessary details. Parts which often don't work well are
Suspend-to-RAM, internal card readers and internal modems.

The laptop survey at TuxMobil is accompanied with Linux
hardware compatibility lists about accessories like
PC-Cards, IrDA and USB devices, as well as documentation about
Linux applications and drivers suitable for mobile computers."



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