March 8, 2001

Linux on a Laptop: Upgrading to the 2.4 kernel

Author: JT Smith

John Gowin writes: "Linux Orbit's editor in chief spent the weekend configuring his laptop with the new 2.4.2 kernel and along the way, some interesting discoveries where made.
'Recently, I embarked on yet another odyssey of epic proportions with my laptop. Previously, I told you about my switch from Windows to Linux and the idiosyncrasies I encountered. Well, what with all the hoopla and fanfare over the 2.4 kernel, I wanted to share in the joy of being on the cutting edge with everyone else. On top of upgrading my kernel, I purchased a USB CD-RW HP 8200 series drive, and figured that this new toy would make the work worth the effort. Not only would I have a screaming new kernel, but I could burn all my MP3s to CD and.... Oh wait, no I mean I could burn new beta CDs of Mandrake and Red Hat and try them out.'
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