February 22, 2008

Linux Laptops Reach Critical Mass

A few years from now, open source pundits may consider February 2008 the tipping point for Linux laptops. Why is that? Glad you asked. The open source world is buzzing right now about Everexââ¬â¢s CloudBook, an ââ¬Åultraportableââ¬Â Linux laptop available from Wal-Mart and several leading Web sites. Officially, the tiny $399 laptop isnââ¬â¢t available until February 21. But itââ¬â¢s already generating big sales, according to several sources in the know. Simply put, CloudBookââ¬â¢s arrival is a defining moment ââ¬â a critical milestone ââ¬â for Linux on desktops and laptops.

Link: thevarguy.com


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