April 5, 2001

Linux at LAX meeting April 14: Wireless LANs

Author: JT Smith

Ismet Kursunoglu tells us about the Linux at LAX meeting coming up April 14 at 10 a.m. in Torrance, Calif. "Christopher Smith gives two presentations, one on hardware and one on
software. For details please see

. On the hardware side he will talk about the various wireless networking solutions currently
available, with an emphasis on 802.11b wireless networking (Wi-Fi). This provides 11 Mbps of
bandwidth in a fairly cost-effective manner.

In his second talk Chris will describe how Linux's multitasking works. The presentation will
start out slow, defining terms like 'process,' 'threads,' 'tasks' and 'signals' in the context of
the Linux world. Depending on time and interest, discussion will move on to the good and the
bad of the Linux approach to these concepts, and strategies programmers can use in the real
world to get the best performance out of available hardware."

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