October 6, 2007

Linux , Linux Free ? Freely Available ? Confused ?

Linux is open source software which means any software developer can add on to change the productââ¬â¢s basic source code. This is diametrically opposed to a strict proprietary concept such as Microsoftââ¬â¢s approach which is to own and have control the software and its code lock stock and barrel. There are some advantages to the proprietary approach particularly if you are dealing with a major mainstream product with millions and millions of users many of who are foolish novices; Life has enough problems without throwing in a monkey wrench to complicate efforts. Remember that if only 1/10 of 1 % of users think that if the computer throws out an error message commonly ââ¬Å You have committed an illegal actions ââ¬Å and run to lock their doors as the police are coming then that small percentage is a lot of people.

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