June 14, 2004

Linux Lite: Cobind and the Simpler Life

Recently, I got my hands on version 0.2 of Cobind, a Linux lite desktop, based on Red Hat/Fedora Core 1, from a software company in Pittsburgh. Not yet in general release, Cobind is a one disc wonder.

I tested Cobind 0.2 on what I can only describe as a leftover machine: a Gateway PII, 128 megs RAM, 10 gig hard drive, 3.5 1.44 mg floppy, Ethernet 10 Base TX, and an EV700 Gateway Monitor. It also has a CS4235 sound card, although I never did get it to work. That problem notwithstanding, it was this underpowered machine that convinced me Cobind has a future; it not only worked on this machine, it worked very well.

Link: OSNews.com


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