August 5, 2002

Linux makes headlines in professional DJ circles

Linux Audio Developers writes: "Harmony
is reporting that Final
, a system that allows DJs to mix MP3s using standard turntables,
finally ships.
"Final Scratch runs on Linux because it's great stability and low audio latency
(with patched kernel).

"'Out on the road a DJ can now carry his entire system to a gig in a travel
bag. One international DJ Dean Coleman says that Final Scratch allows him to
transport some 500% more music than he could if he was physically carrying
vinyl... He is also excited by the performance enhancements of the latest
Linux version, which will impact on the commercially available system when it
is released later this summer.'

"The article links to a video where a DJ says 'the system will run flawlessly
and will not crash because it does not run on Windows, sorry Bill Gates..
I think Final Scratch will be to the DJ industry what ADAT was to MI years ago
-- or even bigger.'

"I guess this will be good publicity for Linux among the Pro Audio circles."

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