February 14, 2006

Linux Management F.U.D. is Bogus, Says New Study

Sharon Smith writes "Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) and member company Levanta today
announced the free availability of an Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)
study titled "Get the Truth on Linux Management." The study re-examines
previously reported, anti-Linux management claims -- deriving updated
analysis from in-depth research with more than 200 end users. The "Get the
Truth on Linux Management" report is available in its entirety, for free
download, at: www.levanta.com/linuxstudy/.

In previous studies, Microsoft and some industry analysts have claimed that
Linux has a higher total cost of ownership (TCO) than Windows, and have
cited higher systems management costs as a significant shortcoming for
Linux. In "Get the Truth on Linux Management" -- co-sponsored by Levanta
and OSDL -- end user feedback indicates that previously reported Linux
management "pains" no longer hold true, and that enterprises running Linux
are in fact often spending less time and money on common systems
administration tasks than they are with their comparable Windows

"For too long, special interest groups have attacked the manageability of
Linux, and fueled the F.U.D. that Linux environments are somehow more
difficult or labor-intensive to manage than Windows environments," said
Stuart Cohen, CEO of the Open Source Development Labs. "In fact, Linux
system management tools are in many cases outpacing Windows management

"Past Microsoft-sponsored reports on Linux management are simply outdated
and one-sided," said Matt Mosman, CEO of Levanta (www.levanta.com). "The EMA
study has confirmed what the Linux community has known to be true for some
time now - that the F.U.D is unfounded, and that management doesn't have to
be viewed as a red flag when considering the overall TCO of Linux.""

Link: levanta.com


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