February 20, 2002

Linux-Mandrake Community Newsletter - Corporate Club

Author: JT Smith


Does your company use Mandrake Linux in its day-to-day operations? Would
you like to help accelerate the development of the Mandrake Linux
distribution while also benefitting from exclusive privileges? Then the
Corporate Club is just for you!"

The Corporate Club was created in the same spirit as the Mandrake Linux
Users Club, but tailored specifically for businesses and corporations
(please read the Mandrake Linux User Club page and FAQ to learn more
about the Mandrake Linux Users Club. http://mandrake.com/en/club/ ).

It is very costly to develop and produce the Mandrake Linux
distribution; furthermore, its Free Software license makes it freely
available, modifiable and redistributable. If you use Mandrake Linux in
a commercial context and profit from its use, we ask that you contribute
to Mandrake Linux development by joining the Mandrake Corporate Club.
The most important benefit of Club membership is that your membership
fee is directly used to boost the development of the Mandrake Linux

The more successful the Club becomes, the better that MandrakeSoft can
serve YOU the corporate user. Membership in the Corporate Club also
provides companies with a number of exclusive privileges:

-  Same base privileges as the Mandrake Linux Users Club, plus:
-  Direct download access to Mandrake Linux servers
   (for membership levels of $10K and up)
-  Availability of commercial RPMs
-  Special offers on third party products and services
-  Company name displayed during the Mandrake-Linux installation and on
   mandrakelinux.com special page
-  Additional privileges to be determined by the request of members

Several corporate membership levels are available to choose from:

- Standard ($2,500)
- Silver ($10,000)
- Gold ($25,000)
- Platinum ($50,000)
- Privileged Partner ($100,000)

All memberships are valid for one year.

The success of Free Software depends on everyone's involvement. The best
way for your company to boost Mandrake Linux development and to support
open standards is by joining the Mandrake Corporate Club today. We look
forward to hearing from you.

For additional information about enrolling your company in the Mandrake
Corporate Club, please contact us by sending an email to
enterprise@mandrakesoft.com with the subject "Corporate Club".

The Mandrake Corporate Club webpage is available at:


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