February 17, 2004

Linux may carve out bigger niche in desktop PC market

The Incubator Club guarantees anonymity for tech buyers wanting to evaluate Linux. Founder Eddie Bleasdale of consultancy
Netproject got the idea after helping the London borough of Newham test Linux desktop programs last fall.

Not long after the testing got underway, Microsoft offered Newham a 30% discount on Windows and Office upgrades for 5,000 PCs, Bleasdale says. Borough
officials promptly ditched Linux and snapped up Microsoft's discount.

Other tech buyers, armed with a full Linux evaluation carried out in secret, might wring even bigger discounts from Microsoft, Bleasdale reasons. Or
even better, he says, they might discover Linux to be irresistible. "Linux desktops simply work," Bleasdale says.

Link: yahoo.com


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