December 19, 2006

Linux Media R & D Centre Established in Manitoba

Dr, Jose Rueda writes "Linux Media Arts to Open Research and Development Center in Manitoba, Canada


BURBANK, Calif. – December 15, 2006 – Linux Media Arts, Inc. (LMA), a developer of award winning
media production software and systems in partnership with the Government of Manitoba,
Canada introduced a plan for a new Open Source product research and development center in
Winnipeg that will serve the global media industry that emanates from California.
The Honourable Premier of Manitoba, Mr. Gary Doer, congratulated Linux Media Arts on its
leadership in developing the plans to open the Manitoba Media Centre at an event organized as a joint
effort by the Government of Manitoba and Linux Media Arts, at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood,

"We are very excited to share the vision and enthusiasm of Linux Media Arts who has emerged as a leader in Open Source media technology. The establishment of the Manitoba Media Centre in
cooperation with LMA provides the perfect combination of technical innovation, leadership
excellence, open access, and business savvy, which will greatly contribute to the economy of Manitoba
and add an important body of technological knowledge for the global film, television, Internet, and media industries," said The Honourable Premier of Manitoba, Mr. Gary Doer; he added that "the MMC is a perfect fit for Manitoba, Canada and its partners in the United States to access markets and we have high hopes for it to become a worldwide centre for technological excellence and progress."

Mr. Michael Collins, Founder and CEO at LMA stated: “The Manitoba Media Centre will be
established through investments from the private and public sector totaling $20 million. The energy
behind this important partnership underscores LMA’s and Manitoba’s commitment to building a
successful product research and development center with an international focus to serve the media

The goal of the Manitoba Media Centre will be tri-fold: to release an Open Source Media Distribution for the Linux Operating System; to further develop and refine Open Source media management applications and tools; and to carry out extensive research and development of Open Source media management and archiving tools. Linux Media Arts and their development partners have been working extensively in these areas for several years and have achieved International recognition for their efforts and intend to continue in this line of development.

Vice-Admiral Walter Davis, USN (Ret.), of CommNexus in San Diego and Principal in LMA stated
the importance of the partnership to the further development of advanced and flexible tools for the
media industry.

The Manitoba Media Centre will support the Misipawistik First Nation (formerly known as Grand
Rapids First Nation) in the development of their knowledge economy. Chief Ovide Mercredi
highlighted that “students and graduates from the community will be delighted to take advantage of the Centre's media technology tools and utilize these tools for their own production of intellectual property and business ventures in the knowledge economy”.

Additionally, the MMC will work with Red River College in Winnipeg to explore training
opportunities in the entertainment engineering field which would lever the experience of LMA’s
network of professionals. Red River College’s President & CEO, Mr. Jeff Zabudsky, explained that
“Open Source is an increasingly important part of today’s development environment, so training in
these advanced tools for the media industry will add to the comprehensive skill sets of RRC graduates and help them succeed in this exciting sector.”

"The creation of MMC is an innovative activity that fits well with Winnipeg's economy and growing
new media sector and we congratulate MMC for focusing on creating opportunities for talented
students and professionals in the global media industry" said Mr. Stuart Duncan, President of
Destination Winnipeg Inc. The MMC will also partner in R&D projects with the Experimental Media Centre at the University of Manitoba.

Dr. Jose A. Rueda, a respected Winnipeg-based entrepreneur, computer scientist, and industry expert will lead the development and organization of MMC and serve as the Founding President. "It has always been my goal to make advanced technologies accessible and useful for applications, as well as to be part of the vibrant growth and innovation available in Manitoba today”, said Dr. Rueda. Collins
added "under the leadership of Dr. Rueda, with his proven track record of innovation and his passion
for technology, research, and economic development, the Manitoba Media Centre will achieve its goals.”

The MMC intends to release technologies at key broadcasting and media events and will issue a call for White Papers to be presented at the Open Source Media Technology Conference in Winnipeg,
Manitoba in the fall of 2007.

About Manitoba, Canada
Manitoba, Canada, with its growing economy and renowned educational institutions, is home to many
outstanding computer scientists, engineers, and media professionals. Propelled by an unmistakable
spirit of innovation and possibility, Manitoba businesses are capitalizing on a highly skilled workforce, untapped renewable energy potential, dynamic economy and low Hydroelectric rates to reach their fullest potential.

About Linux Media Arts, Inc.
Linux Media Arts’ innovative vision is to support and encourage the development of Open source tools
and technologies, which can enable millions of people around the world to more effectively, produce and distribute media and media systems. Founded in 1999 by Michael Collins, LMA has stayed true to its roots by working with Open Source developers and encouraging and supporting their technological development, whenever possible. LMA is headquartered in Burbank, California with administrative offices in Reno, Nevada and a sales office in New York City. For more information, visit Linux Media Arts is a trademark of Linux Media Arts, Inc. All other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.

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