August 30, 2001

Linux might be too big for Tux

Author: JT Smith

From Wired News: "In the past, LinuxWorld has had a refreshing lightheartedness to it. Since the open-source people who usually flock to Linux
events are more carefree than the marketing types who clog other Internet events, the conferences have been, at the very least, tolerable.

This year the marketers have attacked. Now, it's virtually impossible to walk around LinuxWorld without hearing pitches from company reps extolling the
benefits of Linux for "mission-critical applications in the enterprise," or some such drivel.

Everyone's saying that it's time for Linux to grow up -- that it's no longer a hacker OS, that it's moved beyond serving geeky programmers and
hermetic server admins and that Linux now belongs smack in the middle of world commerce."

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