May 5, 2011

Linux Mint 11 – Preview

I received many emails and questions about Linux Mint 11, whether it was coming with Unity or Gnome 3, when it was going to come out and what should be expected from it… so, here’s a bit of information about our upcoming release.

ETA (Estimated time of arrival)

We’re on schedule.

Linux Mint 11 should have two releases:

  1. an RC release in the middle of the month
  2. a stable release by the end of May.

As always, we release “when ready” and we can delay a release if we’re not happy with its quality.

The Desktop

Linux Mint 11 comes with Gnome 2.32, the traditional Linux Mint desktop layout, mintMenu and the same desktop elements featured in previous releases.

Compiz is installed by default and so is fusion-icon, which lets you switch easily between Compiz and Metacity.

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