September 17, 2012

Linux Mint Debian Edition Update Pack 5


Update Pack 5 was released as the “latest” update pack today. If you’re not using Linux Mint Debian, please ignore this post.

In Update Pack 5, the following significant changes occur which might cause regressions on your system:

  1. There are currently no FGLRX drivers, so if you’re using the proprietary ATI drivers, DO NOT UPGRADE!!

Using the Update Manager

… to update itself

The Update Manager always updates itself before other packages. If you see an update for “mintupdate-debian“, accept it and wait for the Update Manager to restart itself.

… to check your APT sources

  1. Click on the “Update Pack Info” button
  2. Make sure “Your system configuration” shows up as green and doesn’t show any warnings or errors
  3. If you see a warning or an error, follow the instructions given and repeat the process until they’re gone.


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