June 20, 2002

Linux Motor launches support offer

Marc-Frederic Gomez writes: "Linux Motor Corp. proudly announces a new technical support offer for Linux (All distributions).
NEW-YORK, USA - In an effort to continually add value to Linux users's, Linux Motor Corp. launch this special support services offer and technical ressources.

we have pleased to announce you the following enhancements :

A new competitively priced support service for Linux

. Includes major Linux distros (Red Hat, MandrakeSoft, Slackware, Debian and 57 others...).
. Technical support by WebPortal, fax or phone.
. Unlimited questions !
. Very large scope (installation, configuration and optimization).
. Garanteed answer in 4 hours max. (Business Day).
. Money Back garantee 30 days.
. Access at our support call center in North America and Europe.
. Toll free phone support.(USA and Canada)
. Three additional free months for subscribing right now.

The extra bonusses for this offer are :

. 5 E-Mail addresses with 25Mo space (differents domains at your choice).
. Web hosting on Linux Server with 100Mo of space for 1 Year.
. Unlimited traffic
. Free t-shirt for Support by phone (Black or white)

The prices for this special offer is :

Support On-Line : 40$/year (no setup fee).
Support Phone and On-Line : 190$/Year (no setup fee).

Take advantage of this offer now by calling at our toll free :
or visit our Web Site :

We appreciate your interest in linux, and we are continuously looking to enhance our services for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the team of Linux Motor.

Linux Motor Corp. is a privately owned corporation based on New-York city, Montréal (Canada) and Elancourt (France). It's mission to provide the world with the most powerful and affordable technical support for Linux.

for further information please contact :

Jens Thys
Technical Support Manager
Linux Motor Corp.

Phone: 1 866 711 0571

E-Mail: jenserik.thys@linuxmotor.com
Web Site : www.linuxmotor.com

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