May 9, 2004

The Linux (Multiple) Virtual Desktops Unleashed -

Author: Mike Angelo

Anonymous Reader writes "

Take a tour of the Linux Virtual Desktops and learn what they are and how to use them. MozillaQuest Magazine ( reports: A most interesting and useful Linux secret is the multiple desktops feature - the Linux Virtual Desktops. If there were no other reason to switch from Microsoft Windows to GNU-Linux, the Linux Virtual Desktops would be more than reason enough to make the switch.

Linux Virtual Desktops are no secret to experienced Linux desktop users. However, it's likely that most MS Windows users and many novice Linux users are not aware of the Linux Virtual Desktops. Having Virtual Desktops is much like having up to sixteen different computers in one. You can open one or more programs in each virtual desktop. If you like, you can arrange your virtual desktops by activity. The Linux Virtual Desktops feature is tremendously useful and handy.

At the time the Figure 5 screenshot was taken, there were thirteen windowpanes opened. But because they are spread over four virtual desktops, they all are on top. That is they are on top in their own virtual desktops. It's pretty darn slick -- no fuss, no mess. If you have thirteen windowpanes open in Microsoft Windows, you are going to have a cluttered mess!

The screenshots for this tour were made using Mandrake Linux 10.0, Gimp 2.0, and the Konqueror browser and file manager.

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