April 2, 2001

Linux NetworX named regional exporter of the year

Author: JT Smith

Linux NetworX announced today it has been
named Regional and Utah Exporter of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration.
According to SBA, Linux NetworX was selected based upon the growth of 
its exports to international markets and its strategy to continue growing these 
markets into the future.

"Linux NetworX has had enormous success delivering our cluster solutions to enterprise 
companies and large organizations domestically - the Exporter of the Year award 
demonstrates our ability to spread this success to international markets as well," 
said Glen Lowry, president and CEO of Linux NetworX. "The demand for high performance 
computing power across the planet, combined with the popularity of the Linux 
operating system internationally, presents numerous market growth opportunities 
for Linux NetworX."

SBA winners are nominated by someone outside of the organization and reviewed 
by a panel of judges. As a statewide winner, Linux NetworX then competed with 
other state winners from Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota, 
to win the regional award. 

"It's quite an accomplishment for Linux NetworX to be named Utah Exporter of 
the Year, but to then go on and win the regional award validates the company 
is doing a lot of things right," said Stan Nakano, district director for SBA. 
"Nominations were judged based upon increased export sales, creative overseas 
marketing, effective solutions to export-related problems, and efforts to assist 
other companies with exporting."

Clustered computing, the technology Linux NetworX specializes in, is a method 
of linking multiple, physically separate computers together to form a unified 
and more powerful system. The result is an extremely powerful, reliable, scalable 
compute engine that can match the performance of a typical supercomputer.

Linux NetworX and EBIZ Enterprises (OTCBB: EBIZ) recently announced a planned 
merger. EBIZ is a manufacturer of specialized computer appliance servers and 
the leading vendor-neutral provider of Open Source products and solutions. The 
merger is expected to be completed during second quarter 2001.

About Linux NetworX
Linux NetworX (www.linuxnetworx.com) brings its powerful cluster technology to 
those demanding high availability and high performance systems. With the use 
of cluster computer technology, a method of linking multiple computers through 
high-speed networks to form a single and more powerful system, Linux NetworX 
provides solutions for companies with high-computing needs, including Web serving, 
ISPs, ASPs, research, industry, government and other technological fields. Through 
innovative hardware, complete cluster management software and solid service and 
support, Linux NetworX provides end-to-end clustering solutions. To date, the 
company has built some of the largest cluster systems in the world and has developed 
unique hardware and versatile software to facilitate overall system management. 

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