October 31, 2001

Linux NetworX to unveil ICE box cluster management hardware appliance

Author: JT Smith

Linux NetworX, a provider of powerful and easy-to-manage Linux cluster computing solutions, announced today plans to unveil its innovative ICE Box 1500 cluster management hardware appliance at the SC2001 trade show in Denver, Nov. 12-15. ICE Box empowers administrators with advanced serial switching and remote power control capabilities, and is the only appliance of its kind designed specifically to improve the manageability of Linux clusters. This is the latest product development focused on improving cluster management from Linux NetworX.

ICE Box features include node health and environmental monitoring, power control, node reset capabilities, and advanced serial switching, which allows administrators to maintain redundant serial connections in a cluster. By providing direct serial access to individual nodes within the cluster, ICE Box delivers a level of control, convenience and manageability not previously available for Linux cluster systems.

"IDC's many studies on cost of ownership and return on investment
typically show that staffing makes up over fifty percent of the cost of a computing solution," said Dan Kusnetzky, vice president system
software research at IDC. "Clustering products, such as ICE Box and
ClusterWorX®, are clearly focused on reducing those costs in an
environment in which the power of many systems has been harnessed
together for reliability or higher performance."

Tularik, a biotechnology company specializing in drug discovery and
development using gene regulation, is using a 150 processor Evolocity
cluster from Linux NetworX, and is one of the first organizations to use ICE Box in production.

"The ICE Box appliance is an ideal cluster management tool that provides vital features like serial access to nodes and remote power control so I never need to go down to the server room," said Gene Cutler, bioinformatics scientist for Tularik. "Cluster management tools from Linux NetworX are setting the standard - ICE tools allow us to concentrate on finding new genes that cause disease and not worry about cluster management."

ICE Box is an integral component of the Linux NetworX Integrated Cluster Environment (ICE) cluster management tools, which also includes ClusterWorX management software. Computer cluster technology is a method of linking multiple computers, or nodes, together to form a unified, more powerful and reliable system.

Until now, cluster management has been a barrier to the wider adoption of Linux clustering. ICE cluster management tools allow administrators to control the cluster from a single interface, while providing the tools to monitor and take action on the cluster onsite or remotely. Each Linux NetworX Evolocity cluster is integrated with ICE cluster management tools.

ICE Box has already received significant attention when it, as part of the ICE product offering, received the Best Integrated Solution Award at the LinuxWorld Expo in San Francisco, Aug. 2001.

To view or download images of ICE Box, or for more information, please visit the ICE Box online press kit at

About ICE Box

ICE Box is a scalable hardware appliance, enabling administrators to
manage their Linux cluster systems with direct node access, advanced
power control, temperature monitoring, redundant serial connections, and local and remote access. Powered by Linux for stable runtime
environment, ICE Box can be updated without cluster downtime. ICE Box
can integrate with ClusterWorX for a complete cluster management
solution. With a unique hardware design, ICE Box rackmounts into
standard 19-inch racks without taking up any usable rackspace.

· Remote temperature monitoring of CPU temperatures
· Serial concentrator
· 10Base-T Ethernet connection
· Node reset
· Multiple ICE Boxes can be linked to support large clusters (up to 2560 nodes)
· Fits in standard 19-inch rack without taking up usable rack space
· 12 serial ports (supports 10 nodes and two auxiliary devices per box)
· 12 AC sockets (10 switchable, two auxiliary)
· Embedded CPU powered by Linux for stable runtime environment
· ICE Box software update capability without cluster downtime
· Integrates with ClusterWorX
· Access using standard terminal emulator or Telnet client (such as
Minicom and Linux Telnet)
· Power sequencing on start-up

Command and Control
· Remote power control and reset of individual nodes
· Onsite node management using keypad and LCD display
· Serial data buffering from each node
· Command line interface for extensive control and monitoring capabilities
· Serial communication network
· Out of Band (serial support from host to any node) network communication
· Direct port connections (reverse Telnet)
· Command line interface accessible via Telnet

About Linux NetworX
Linux NetworX (www.linuxnetworx.com) brings its powerful and
easy-to-manage cluster technology to those demanding high availability and high performance systems. Linux NetworX provides solutions for organizations involved in aeronautical and chemical modeling, biotechnology research, oil and gas exploration, graphics rendering and visual effects, Web serving, ISPs, ASPs, and other technological research fields. Through its innovative Evolocity hardware, ICE cluster management tools and professional service and support, Linux NetworX provides end-to-end clustering solutions. To date, the company has built some of the largest cluster systems in the world, and boasts numerous Fortune 500 customers.

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