February 12, 2002

Linux NetworX unveils ClusterWorX Lite

Author: JT Smith

Andrea Laycock writes: Linux NetworX, a provider of powerful cluster supercomputing solutions, announced today the unveiling of ClusterWorX Lite, an entry-level version of its cluster management software with limited functionality, designed for cluster systems with 16 nodes or less. ClusterWorX 2.1, the latest version of the award-winning cluster management software from Linux NetworX, is also being released with enhanced features. ClusterWorX and ClusterWorX Lite are sold as part of the overall cluster solution provided by Linux NetworX and are not sold separately.

Linux clustering is a method of linking multiple computers, or compute nodes, together to form a unified and more powerful system. ClusterWorX and ClusterWorX Lite allow administrators to control the cluster as a single system, and provide secure remote monitoring and management capabilities.

Linux NetworX released ClusterWorX Lite to provide organizations with an alternative cluster management software package with the basic functionality of ClusterWorX, but without some of the enhanced features required for larger systems. ClusterWorX Lite can easily be upgraded to the full ClusterWorX version to gain additional features like automatic cluster administration, and the ability to create and control sub-groups of nodes within the cluster.

?Releasing an entry-level version of ClusterWorX allows both large and small customers to have access to professionally supported cluster management software tools,? said Clark Roundy, vice president of marketing for Linux NetworX. ?Linux NetworX is focused on making clusters more accessible to any organization wanting to take advantage of the power, scalability and reliability of Linux clusters.?

ClusterWorX 2.1 is also being released by Linux NetworX to provide new features, such as enhanced network management capabilities, as well as improvements on existing features, further simplifying cluster administration.

Both ClusterWorX and ClusterWorX Lite work in conjunction with the Linux NetworX ICE Box cluster appliance to deliver remote power control and direct access to each node within the cluster. More information on ClusterWorX and ClusterWorX Lite can be found at http://www.linuxnetworx.com/products/clusterworx.p hp or on the Linux NetworX Web site at http://www.linuxnetworx.com.

About ClusterWorX 2.1

Linux NetworX has developed the most functionally advanced suite of cluster tools of its kind, making cluster management simple for even the most complex of systems. ClusterWorX users can remotely monitor and control a cluster system, down to the individual node. The flexible and scalable architecture of the software allows users to add compute nodes as demands increase. ClusterWorX is designed to be very easy to customize and extend to meet the requirements of a customer's application. The software also employs an event engine to provide automatic administration functionality. For example, if processors rise above a specified temperature, ClusterWorX can remotely alert the user of the problem, and can even power down the node.

About ClusterWorX Lite
ClusterWorX Lite provides the basic ClusterWorX functionality such as the node cloning, system monitoring, and remote secure access, but does not provide sub-group management, or the event engine. These features become increasingly important as cluster size increases.

About Linux NetworX
Linux NetworX (www.linuxnetworx.com) brings its powerful cluster solutions and empowering management tools to those demanding high performance and high availability systems. Linux NetworX provides solutions for organizations involved in oil and gas exploration, aeronautical and chemical modeling, biotechnology research, graphics rendering and visual effects, Web serving, ISPs, ASPs, and other technological research fields. Through its innovative Evolocity hardware, ICE cluster management tools and professional service and support, Linux NetworX provides end-to-end clustering solutions. To date, the company has built some of the largest cluster systems in the world, and boasts numerous Fortune 500 customers.

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