July 27, 2004

Linux Netwosix Bugzilla

Anonymous Reader writes "

It's our pleasure to announce that is available from our pages the
software bugtracking system. Now, each Netwosix user can suggest all the
problems related to our software.

Here the list of bugs tracking categories available:

LN-Nepote:       Problems with Nepote (porting
LN-Packages:     Problems with Netwosix Packages.
             &n bsp;
Problems or bugs with Netwosix setup
LN-System:       Problems with Netwosix System
and security.

Please, all the Netwosix users are invited to use our Bugzilla to
improve the
quality of our linux distribution.

NETWOSIX-Bugzilla Home Page: http://www.netwosix.org/bugzilla

Thank you!"

Link: netwosix.org

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