May 6, 2004

Linux Netwosix call for partecipations

Anonymous Reader writes
"Linux Netwosix Call for partecipations, Italy: by Vincenzo Ciaglia

We are looking for new NETWOSIX enthusiasts. Actually we are developing more and more for
our security distribution but to provide a high quality we need of your help.

We want to build a Netwosix developers community and we are interested to this kind of helps:

  • Improving setup tool ;

  • Building security tools for remote administration of Netwosix ;

  • Improving Nepote and its functions ;

  • Building administration tools ;

  • Improving the system configuration ;

  • Building specifics portage trees ;

  • Maintaining Netwosix packages ;

  • Varius .

If you are interested in, join to our developers community subscribing your email address

to (send a blank mail to

Or visit and test/download Netwosix to :

About Linux Netwosix:

Linux Netwosix is a powerful and optimized Linux distribution for servers and Network Security related jobs. It can also be used for special operations such as penetration testing with its big collection of security oriented software and sources. It's a light distribution created for the requirements of every SysAdmin and it's very portable and highly configurable. Our philosophy is to give greater liberty for configuration to the SysAdmin. Only in this way can he/she configure a powerful and stable server machine. Linux Netwosix also has a powerful ports system (Nepote) similar to the xBSD systems but more flexible and usable.

Good work!

See you soon,

Linux Netwosix Team"


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