Linux Netwosix Virtual World Community

Linux Netwosix writes “The first Linux Netwosix Virtual World Community is born! If you’re a Netwosix user please join our community to interact with the other one. If you have a problem with Netwosix or you just want to talk about Linux, if you want to improve our work or if you just want to help us to grew up, join the first Linux Netwosix Virtual Community at :
It’s a virtual community where you can talk about:

– News & Announcements
News about Linux Netwosix and its improvements.

– Installing Netwosix
Do you have some problems installing Netwosix ? Post here!

– Networking & Security
Post here all the messages related to networking and security problems using

– Hardware Compatibility
Hardware Compatibility problems with Netwosix. Post Here your help message.

– Laptop
Linux Netwosix on laptop computers.… and much more!

Official Netwosix HomePage:
Linux Netwosix Virtual Community:

Thank you for your time!
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