December 31, 2001

Linux: New 2.4 development branch (-mjc)

Author: JT Smith

Anonymous Reader writes, " KernelTrap reports that Michael Cohen has announced to the lkml his intention to begin a new 2.4 development tree. The first release of this -mjc branch includes a number of performance enhancing patches, including Robert Love's preemptible kernel patch, Rick van Riel's reverse mapping patch and George Anzinger's real time scheduler patch. Michael says of this patch, 'I feel that there's need for a rapidly developing '-ac [like]' tree, and so, here we go. Feel free to test it.' As to the maintenance of this branch, he says, 'Ideally I'd like to have this maintained (possibly using bk) by those at #kernelnewbies.' Read his full announcement email here at"


  • Linux
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