Linux: The New Frontier of Enterprise in the Cloud


Everyone from developer teams, to operations, to managers of virtual machines needs to know Linux, said Red Hat’s Brian Gracely.

TechRepublic’s Dan Patterson spoke with with Brian Gracely, director of cloud strategy at Red Hat OpenShift, about Linux and the cloud.

Gracely: …the really big trend lately with Linux has been Linux containers and technologies like [Google] Kubernetes. So, we’re seeing enterprises want to build new applications. We’re seeing the infrastructure be more software defined. Linux ends up becoming the foundation for a lot of the things going on in enterprise IT these days.

Patterson: And how can employers find the employees that have the right skill sets, and what are the best skill sets for deploying Red Hat in the cloud?

Gracely: Yeah. So I think there’s a couple of core skill sets. One, obviously, we’re seeing more and more Linux system admin, system administrators, who are developing those skills, because those skills are applicable in their own data centers. They’re applicable in the public cloud. That’s a great foundation.

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