October 28, 2003

Linux Nips at Microsoft

Sometimes the Microsoft/Linux software battle royale seems more like King Kong being attacked by fleas. IDC found that Microsoft actually increased
its share of the desktop operating systems market in 2002 (to 93.8 percent), while also seeing gains in server operating systems (to 55.1 percent).
But Linux also gained in both departments, rising to 23.1 percent on the server side and to 2.8 percent on the desktop.

Even if the fleas have a lot of chewing to do to eat the gorilla, they are at least causing some serious scratching and swatting. When Microsoft
launched its grand Office System 2003 last week, Linux forces quickly struck with a raft of their own releases--some piggybacking interoperability
with Microsoft's newly launched products.

Link: techweb.com


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