January 8, 2001

Linux a no-show at CES

Author: JT Smith

tjhanson writes, "There's a disturbing story over at Linux Planet about Linux's lack of coverage at CES this year:
The real story would have been to interview some of those PR people from companies who have products utilizing Linux who didn't mention it. I'll bet you would come up with not-very-plausible excuses and sudden generalities. I'm not a reporter, so I don't have the contacts or the writing style, but I would be willing to bet that some of those
exhibitors were instructed not to upstage Gates with his XBox by
mentioning Linux.

I think the freeze is on. It probably has something to do with the
sudden gas pains at Corel when mentioning their 'Linux strategy,' at
Transmeta for muzzling Linus' distaste for Windows, at Adobe for pulling Framemaker, at Inprise/Borland for suddenly deemphasizing Kylix, and many others. This is Microsoft's classic behavior, to isolate and exterminate. Did we make the 'hit list?'

It is a situation which cries out for some vocal advocacy. Please don't let this go.


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