January 19, 2004

Linux not ready to kill Unix -- yet

Despite the relentless march of Linux, major vendors believe commercial Unix releases aren't ready for the scrapheap yet.
As Linux evolves from its single-processor roots into larger-scale applications, many market watchers have predicted that it will eventually replace
the remaining commercial Unixes: Hewlett-Packard's HP-UX, Sun Microsystem's Solaris, IBM's AIX and SGI's Irix.

"It costs between $150 million and $200 million a year to generate your own Unix system and you then have to say to yourself 'Am I going to see that
amount of extra revenue if I put in these features?'" Linux International executive office Jon 'maddog' Hall told iTnews.
However, Unix vendors argue that the needs of large-scale enterprise users haven't yet been met by Linux.

"There'll always be a role for Solaris, and there's tremendous investment in Solaris," said Duncan Bennet, director for infrastructure solutions and
software at Sun.

Part of that can be attributed to Sun's increasing focus on making Solaris available for Intel's architectures, as well as its own SPARC processors,
he said.

Link: itnews.com.au


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