March 11, 2004

Linux not threat in Asia, fibs Microsoft

Linux and the open source movement poses no threat to Microsoft in Asia, the company's Asia-Pacific CTO has assured open-mouthed observers.

Peter "Canute" Moore told reporters: "I believe there is no government that has a policy going beyond recommending open source. If so, I believe that
is not to their best interest." Moore also noted that open source does not compete solely with Microsoft but with the entire field of commercial
software providers.

What could lead Mr Moore to such tremendous confidence in the face of overwhelming evidence? The Windows XP-lite that the company has produced
specifically for Thailand, that slots in with the Thai's government's cheap PC programme. Produced in the Thai language, and aimed at first-time
users, the cut-down XP version should only cost $40 compared to the full-fat XP which us in the West have to fork out for.



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