September 26, 2001

Linux opportunities - printing and pre-press

Author: JT Smith

From a feature article at the Montreal Linux Users Group (MLUG): "Computers are everywhere in the printing and pre-press industry, but this was not always the case. Less than 20 years ago for
example, graphic artists worked in studios with drafting tables, pens, airbrushes and other paraphernalia. Their work was sent to a
service bureau or trade shop to have its picture taken using graphic arts film on large cameras. These images were converted using
chemical means into printing plates or cylinders. Publishers also sent their work out to professional typesetters who were just
beginning to use computers for part of their work.

The industry has remade itself over the last 15 years and much of the workflow is done digitally these days. Linux has already
found its way onto the scene and there will be more opportunities for adoption of Linux solutions in the future."


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