June 10, 2002

Linux Orbit Review Grab Bag #1: multi-gnome-terminal, Limewire, Metacity and more

GonzoJohn writes: "The first in a new series starting this month, the LO Review Grab bag will highlight applications that are cool and you seldom hear about. This month we take a look a multi-gnome-terminal, the LimeWire gnutella client and the Metacity window manager for GNOME.

'I've been trying out so many new versions of applications lately that it's been difficult to nail down a single title for an in-depth review. Instead of taking a long look at one program, we're introducing the "Review Grab Bag", the first in a series of short takes on new and updated open source software titles. My hope is that the Review Grab Bag will become a monthly series here for Linux Orbit users. In this month's Grab Bag, there's a lot to choose from. To begin, let's take a look at the handy terminal for Gnome users called multi-gnome-terminal.'

Read more at LinuxOrbit.com."


  • C/C++
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