November 21, 2001

Linux PDA: You can have it your way

Author: JT Smith

ZDNET: "Why do I want one?
It's easy to explain. It's the difference between a restaurant, and a McDonalds. In McDonalds,
you know what you're getting; it's what most people want. And nothing else. Microsoft produces
its idea of what everybody wants, and people are, at last, buying its Pocket PC designs.

But if you want anything else, you can't have it. The local McDonalds manager can't ask his
chef to do you a couple of sausages with your burger. If you want a green salad, he doesn't
have a plate to put it on. If you like wine with your meal, you'll just have to whine about it to
someone else.

With Linux, every bright spark with a good idea can produce it; and Sharp's little Linux block will
run it. Then if it turns out to be popular, it can be extended; a new feature."

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